Co-events and Other Events

Date Titles
2021/09/15 HKIoD Directors’ Symposium 2021 – “Leading in New Normal” (supported by CMA)
From Now  Poly U Tech Salon 2021 Webinar - How is FashTECH disrupting the industry landscape?-AWebinar Video and Feature Articles (Supported by CMA)
From Now IP Manager Scheme (Plus)(Supported by CMA)
From now on until 30 Sep 2021 PVCHK Learning Enterprise Award 2021 (supported by CMA)
2021/07/07-10 Hong Kong 3D Printing Association – 5C05 “Hong Kong Pavilion” (supported by CMA)
2021/4/23-11/23 HKICT Awards 2021: Smart Living Award (Supported by CMA)
2021/11/23-26 Asia International Innovative Invention Exhibition 2021 & Asia International Innovative Invention Award 2021
From Now Until to 2021/11 CLP Smart Energy Award 2021 (Supported by CMA)
2021/4/1-11/12 Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong (YIAH) & Industrialist of the Year Award (IOY) 2021(Supported by CMA)
HKIHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition 2021 (Supported by CMA)
2021/3/26- 9/30  Happiness at Work Promotional Scheme(Supported by CMA)
2021/9/30 職安健星級企業-回收再造業職安健提升計劃
2021/6/18-9/17 HKDA Global Design Awards 2021 (Supported by CMA)
2021/9/7 and 2021/9/9 Green Council - Training Course on“Establish greenhouse gas reduction targets: Science-based approach” (Supported by CMA)
From Now to Sep 2021 Build a Secure Cyberspace 2021 “Be Smart Online, Stay Away from Pitfalls” GIF Graphic Design Contest (Supported by CMA)