Ladies Committee

The Ladies’ Committee shares the same vision as CMA in promoting Hong Kong’s economic development.  It encourages women to actively participate in trade and social issues. In addition to maintaining a close relationship with cross-strait women’s organisations, the committees is also active in various community services, and has been playing a key role in planning and executing CMA’s charity initiatives.


Chairlady Mrs Ivy Li
Advisors Dr Tsui Ping Kwong, Edward Mr Ng Ching Wun  
First Honorary Chairlady Ms Chen Cecilia Daisy    
Honorary Chairladies Mrs Rita Sin Mrs Chow Lo Mi Chi, Loretta Mrs Nora Cheung Tai Yuet May
Mrs Chiu Chung Yuet King, Luna Mrs Candy Chan  
Vice Chairladies Mrs Chan Ma Siu Tao Ms Lam Suet Yim, Sandy Mrs Tsui Lau Fiona
Ms Wendy Lau    
Treasurer Mrs Lui Choi Kook Fun    
Vice Treasurer Mrs Ng Ho Wai Fan Anna    
Public Relations Officer Ms Esther Wong    
Vice Public Relations Officers Mrs Ng Tai Choi Luen Ms Wu Kit Chan  
Recreational Officer Ms Kung Yin Ha, Cecilia    
Vice Recreational Officers Ms Koo Ngar Ping Mrs Tsang Yau Kuk Heung  
Members Affairs Officer Ms Yu Cheung Kit    
Vice Members Affairs Officers Ms Fong Wai Lai, Monica Ms Tsang Yuen Ha