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CMA E-warehouse (

CMA has launched "CMA E-warehouse" promotion platform for brands of all sizes in Hong Kong to showcase their products. The platform has accumulated nearly 13,000 followers so far, and it is definitely an ideal promotion channel for enterprises. The Association will cooperate with various online and offline promotions to attract the general public to browse the platform.
Facebook fanpage : cmaewarehouse
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CMA Makers

The Membership Department opens a Facebook account for members. Through social media, communication with members is strengthened, and the latest event information of the Club is distributed more quickly and directly to members and business friendly members. Members can also revisit the highlights and photos of various activities through Facebook.
Find us on FACEBOOK : “CMA Makers

CMA InnoDrive Hub

CMA has always supported the development of "re-industrialization" in Hong Kong, and specially set up the "CMA InnoDrive Hub" Facebook page, which aims to provide a publicity platform for scientific and technological innovation companies to display their research and development achievements, and disseminate different information such as successful commercialization cases of scientific and technological innovations and the latest innovations. trends, promote the commercialization of results and promote technology transfer to the industry.
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CMA Official Wechat Account

“CMA Official Wechat Account” operated by CMA membership department has been launched. Members can check out the latest CMA news easily, including but not limited to the highlight of CMA activities, Member Offers, CMA Professional Consultant Team, CMA monthly bulletin, useful links and the policy related to commerce& industry in Mainland China. 

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