Co-events and Other Events

Date Titles
2022/07/18-11/01 The School Photography Competition in
Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR cum CMA’s 88th Anniversary
From now until 30 Nov 2022 BOCHK Corporate Low-Carbon Environmental Leadership Awards 2022 – Open for Application NOW! (supported by CMA)
2022/11/15 GS1 Hong Kong Summit 2022 (supported by CMA)
From now to 2022/10/31 Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged - The Fifteenth Round Regular Portion and the Eighth Round Dedicated Portion – is now open for application
From now until 2022/10/31 “The Deignan Award” Enrollment is Now Open (Supported by CMA)
​22/08/2022-28/10/2022 Knowledge of Design Week (KODW) 2022
2022/10/20 Pay Trend & Benefits Seminar (Supported by CMA)
2022/10/19-11/16 香港地球之友- 綠色金融及ESG投資分析行政文憑課程 (Chinese Version Only)
2022/10/15 國際獅子會腎病教育中心-全港賣旗日-招募義工(Chinese Version Only)
2022/10/13 HKIE-MIS Division Annual Conference & Gala Dinner 2022 (supported by CMA)
From now till 2022/09/30 Hong Kong Volunteer Award (supported by CMA)
2022/09/28 ERB Employer Seminar (supported by CMA)
From now until 23 Sep 2022 Social Capital Builder Awards 2022 Open for Application (supported by CMA)
 2022/09/23  Build a Secure Cyberspace 2022“Fact Check After Receiving, Think Twice Before Sharing” Webinar cum Folder Design Contest Award Ceremony (Supported by CMA)
22/09/2022 Webinar on Climate Change Mitigation: Decarbonisation Technology and Innovation - What To Know and Do About it (Supported by CMA)