Message from the President

Manufacturing industry was once the main pillar of Hong Kong's economy. As one of the major chambers of commerce in the city, CMA's missions are fighting for a better business environment for the industrial sector, promoting Hong Kong's economic development and enhancing members' competitiveness through the provision of premium services. The fourth industrial revolution is taking place with its focus, on intelligence, sweeping the world with unprecedented force. The flag for re-industrialisation is flying, bringing to Hong Kong's manufacturing industry an historic opportunity for another takeoff. In order to keep in line with technological advances, pursue a better quality of life, seek new growth points or deal with crises, industries need to bring process innovation and creativity into their operation and management.


Many CMA members are traditional manufacturing enterprises or companies operating in the Pearl River Delta region. In the face of challenges from the new wave of industrial transformation and re-industrialisation, it is their interests that we attach weight to and endeavour to protect. The CMA will continue to convey opinions to the relevant authorities, and will step up support to help them upgrade and transform more quickly and successfully to gain a stable footing for sustainable development in the ever-changing environment.


The Belt and Road initiative is a significant development strategy for China, and an important opportunity for Hong Kong's future development. The HKSAR government has responded quickly by actively forming and consolidating Hong Kong's positioning. Infrastructure, financial sector and professional services - among others - are identified to stand to benefit right from the start of the Belt and Road development. Next will come exciting new business opportunities for Hong Kong's industry as huge demand arises from the gradual breakdown of trade barriers between nations along the route. The CMA will play a path-building role through increased cooperation and exchanges to ensure that members will be able to seize the opportunities and climb onboard the nation's express development train.


Hong Kong's industry has been an important contributor to development of the Pearl River Delta. Today, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is perceived as the extended version of the original Pearl River Delta development. Today, Hong Kong plays a different role with different positioning. However, cooperation with other regional cities in innovation, technology and industry will open up Hong Kong businesses to the broad range of opportunities available in the expanded area. The CMA will work closely with the HKSAR government to achieve win-win situations in the Greater Bay Area.


If innovation is the key to rekindling industrial prosperity, talent is the engine for the promotion of industrial innovation. This also applies to the 84-year old CMA. To foster even greater success, we will provide more opportunities for our young and energetic members to inject new ideas into the CMA so industrial development can continue and thrive.


The CMA has enjoyed prosperous development under the leadership of different former Presidents. Over the last few years, we have created business opportunities for our members by serving as a bridge to strengthen ties between Mainland provinces or cities and foreign countries. We also strive to promote social harmony by upholding corporate responsibility, encouraging members to give back to society by setting role models and supporting disadvantaged groups. All these efforts have gained recognition of society.


It is my honor to become the 41st President of the CMA. I would like to take this opportunity to commit every General Committee member and me to adhere to the principle of reforming the old and growing the new for the pragmatic promotion of the CMA's advancement. I will continue to steer the CMA towards sustainable development of the industrial and business sectors and harmonious growth of Hong Kong. It is hoped that all of you will continue to support the CMA, move ahead and explore the future as our good partners!


Dr Ng Wang Pun, Dennis, BBS MH