Message from the President

  I am deeply honoured to assume the role of the 43rd president of The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (the “CMA”). At this pivotal moment in Hong Kong’s industrial transformation and economic structure upgrade, I embrace this responsibility with a profound sense of duty.
  The manufacturing sector, a cornerstone of supply chain systems, underpins the real economy. Hong Kong’s industry, with its robust foundation, is poised to be a significant driver of economic growth and resilience. The CMA commits to a more proactive role, collaborating with authorities to forge a new, competitive, and inclusive industrial ecosystem. We aim to synergise new and traditional industries, aligning our collective development with national policy directions.
  In revitalising the industrial sector, technology is crucial. The CMA has intensified its focus on technological advancements, bridging government, industry, academia and research institutes. We have partnered with universities to facilitate technology transfer and will use our CMA Testing as a platform to bolster startup and traditional industries through initiatives like CMA+ and pilot transformation centre PMC. These efforts are integral to enhancing Hong Kong’s innovation and technological landscape.

  Green transformation is essential for high-quality development and a global imperative. The enthusiastic response to CMA’s ESG+ Pledge programme, with over 1,000 enterprises participating, is heartening. Our expanded services, from assessment to implementation, aim to help enterprises meet increasingly stringent global market and regulatory requirements, thereby gaining a competitive edge.
  Despite signs of recovery in Hong Kong’s economy over the past year, factors such as the "negative wealth effect," citizens' "revenge travel," and northbound spending fever following the resumption of "normal travel" have affected local consumption. The CMA will infuse new ideas into our exhibitions, particularly our flagship Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo, to boost domestic consumption.

  As Hong Kong strives to maintain its role as a global “superconnector,” the CMA is equally committed to this mission. While China and the US have gradually resumed exchanges with tensions easing slightly, the international political and economic situations remain uncertain. Amidst the shifting global supply chain and trade environments, we recognise the need for enterprises to enhance competitiveness and seek collaborative growth. The CMA will lead the way in exploring emerging markets, particularly in ASEAN and along the Belt and Road, to open new avenues for Hong Kong enterprises and attract inbound investment.

  To effectively “tell good stories of Hong Kong”, we must resonate globally. Hong Kong’s dynamic nature, coupled with the esteemed “Made by Hong Kong” label and the “Hong Kong Brand”, represents significant “soft power” and strategic advantage. Working with the Hong Kong Brand Development Council, the CMA will amplify the “Hong Kong Brand”, enhancing the city’s global appeal.

  Acknowledging the uncertain prospects of international trade, Hong Kong businesses are increasingly focusing on the domestic market. With mainland China’s economy poised for growth, the CMA will facilitate economic and trade cooperation between Hong Kong and the mainland, especially within the Greater Bay Area, through business matching, trade shows, and brand promotion activities.

  Recognising the crucial role of youth in Hong Kong’s future, the CMA, as a school-sponsoring body, will invest more in youth initiatives. Our goal is to prepare the younger generation with a thorough understanding of global dynamics and our country's context.

  Success hinges on cooperation and seizing opportunities. As the CMA celebrates its 90th anniversary, we build upon the strong foundations laid by our predecessors. Together with the members of the 43rd General Committee, I am committed to upholding the CMA's ethos of "keeping righteousness and innovation". I invite all sectors to support our endeavours as we embark on this new chapter for the CMA and the industry.

Dr Lo Kam Wing BBS JP
43rd President of the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong