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Steering our industries towards brand-building, and developing Hong Kong into a brands hub

Initiated by the Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong (the CMA), Hong Kong Brand Development Council (the Council) is a non-profit-making institution aiming to promote the development of Hong Kong brands by pooling together the efforts of all walks of life. It is committed to promoting Hong Kong brands and products, advocating innovation and creativity, fostering an environment conducive to brand-building, and enhancing exchanges and cooperation among companies in regard to brand development.
The Council is established on the principle of “market leads, government facilitates, community supports”. Apart from having invited Government officials as Honorary Patron and Honorary Advisors, the Council has a prestigious membership comprising representatives from a variety of sectors, such as manufacturing, commerce, academics, and professional services. A devoted secretariat and several working committees including “Hong Kong Top Brand Assessment Board”, “Promotion and Advocacy Committee”, “Technical Advisory Committee”, “Made in Hong Kong Mark Scheme Steering Committee”, “Finance Committee”, “International Affairs Committee” and “Strategic Development Committee” have been set up as the operational arms to carry out the Council's various initiatives. 
The Council has set itself the task of becoming a flagship to lead the way in Hong Kong’s brand development, being a driver for the pursuit of an overall strategy, a facilitator for the formulation and implementation of related policies, and a coordinator for the branding efforts of local organizations. The Council has been playing an active role in every key area, sharpening its leadership in brand accreditation, incubation, promotion, research, exchanges and international cooperation.
Besides hosting the renowned “Hong Kong Top Brand Awards” and “Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards”, “Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards & Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand Awards”, the Council also provides assistance to other brand competitions or prizes, in an attempt to identify role models and set up best-practice benchmark in branding. It is the organizer of the “Hong Kong Top Brand Mark Scheme” and “Made in Hong Kong Mark Scheme” which, as the first of their kinds, have blazed the trail of brand-related certification based on well-structured assessment and licensing system. In order to enhance the profile of Hong Kong brands, the Council has been actively participating in various exhibitions, product showcases and other promotional events, domestically and overseas. The Council organizes “SME Branding Club” regularly, and a number of training, research, study, and exchange programs as well as public education campaigns have been rolling out under the Council's aegis, as part of its efforts to step up brand awareness among local enterprises and the public in general.
With the advent of “brand era”, brand-building is becoming a must strategy for an organization to stay competitive. Hand in hand with our industries, Hong Kong Brand Development Council is devoted to promoting “Made by Hong Kong, Originated from Hong Kong” as a world-class label and developing Hong Kong into a star-studded brands hub. 

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