Industrial Committee

Industrial Committees are responsible for giving up-to-date information of their respective industries to the General Committee.  


Convenor of Industrial Committees


Food & Beverage
Mr Chan Kim Fung

Apparel and Accessories
Mr Lau Man Tung, Benjamin

Computer, Electronic & Optical
Mr Lai Wai Sing, Wilson

Textile Printing & Dyeing
Mr Lok Pak Keung, Robert

Rubber & Plastics
Mr Suen Fai Chuen, Alan
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Mr Wan Kwok Yeung, John
Domestic Electric Appliances
Mr Wong Chung Bor, Stephen
Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
Ms Lee Jai Ying
Watches & Clocks
Ms Mok Mo Kit, Daisy
Construction Materials
Mr Leung Mok Kwan, Simon
Toys & Electronic Games
Dr Leung Lun
Fur & Accessories
Ms Ko Lai Fong Rose
Furniture & Fixtures
Ms Leung Lai, May
Mr Cheng Chung Fo, Tony
General-purpose Machinery
Mr Liu Siong Song
Footwear & Leather
Mr Chu Kwok Kee
Paper & Paper Products
Dr Ho Wai Kuen, Ken
3D Printing & Computer Peripheral Equipments
Ms Ami Sin
Stationery, Office Supplies & Sporting Goods
Mr To Chun Yuen, Simon
Cosmetics & Beauty
Ms Joanne Cheung
Other Manufacturing
Mr Lee Chak Man
Jewellery & Gemstones
Mr Lam Chi Keung, Ricky
Fabricated Metal Products & Electroplating
Mr Lui Hung Yen
Petroleum & Chemical
Mr Chuang Ka Pun, Albert
Automobiles, Vessels & Vehicles
Mr Ng Ka Wing
Information Technology & E-commerce
Mr Hui Kin Sang, Sam
Multi-media & Culture
Mr Lui Siu Tsuen, Richard
Import and Export Trades
Mr Sam Lo
Professional Services
Mr Lo Ching Kong
Other Services
Dr William Choi
Materials Recovery & Recycling
Mr Thomas Tam
Catering Services
Ms Christy Lee
Retail & Wholesale Trade
Mr Lui Lok Wai
Financial & Insurance Services
Mr Yau Sheung Yu, Sander
Prof Yu Cheung Hoi, Albert
Pets & Animals Supplies
Mr Chow Moon Kuen, Gilbert