Secretariat Services

Outsourcing secretariat services can help your association to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.  CMA recently launched the “Secretariat Services” to provide professional secretariat support services for chambers of commerce, district and community associations and various kinds of organisations.

Only HK$18,000 per month, you will be entitled to enjoy an extensive range of services outlined below:


Day-to-day operations

  • Internal administrative support, including liaising and communicating with members, producing and distributing circulars, answering phone calls, receiving/sending emails and mails (these services are limited to those with less than 200 members)
  • Accounting and company secretarial services, such as collecting annual membership fee, preparing bank deposits, maintaining records of accounts receivable and payable, liaising with company secretary for filing of annual returns and maintaining the statutory registers
  • Arrange council/ board meetings every two months and committee meetings every six months, and provide related administrative support and venue as appropriate
  • Organise an event once a year. This could be a seminar, a visit, a trade mission, a sports or leisure activity for members


External affairs

  • Follow up on and provide venue, as appropriate, for external liaison activities, such as visits by external parties, networking activities with other parties (twice a year)
  • Handle various kinds of invitations from external parties (four times a year)


Annual General Meeting

  • Organise AGM and provide a venue as appropriate


Other support

  • Provide registered office addressing and general administrative support

Founding of Industrial & Commercial Associations and Non-Profit Organizations services

  • We also provide extra services to those who want to establish associations and organizaitons. The services include incorporation of company limited by guarantee and other related supports.


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