Comment and Analysis

CMA pays close attention to the latest trends and measures which are beneficial to industry upgrade and transformation, and conveys the most updated information and advice to its members with an aim to help them seize the opportunities. 

Date Article
2015/01/14 香港經濟緩步前行 低速增長恐成「新常態」 (Chinese Version Only)
2014/12/10  一帶一路戰略:推動全方位開放新格局 (Chinese Version Only)
2014/11/18 物聯網興起:開啟生活智能化新紀元 (Chinese Version Only)
2014/10/14 港商放眼西部市場:站在傳統與變革的交匯點上 (Chinese Version Only)
2014/09/28 香港經濟走弱 緩步回升可期 (Chinese Version Only)
2014/08/25 京津冀一體化提速  闖區域發展新路向 (Chinese Version Only)
2014/07/22 把握人口結構性轉變 開闢內銷新思路 (Chinese Version Only)
2014/06/04 3D打印全接觸 (Chinese Version Only)
2014/05/08 內地互聯網金融:是危還是機 (Chinese Version Only)
2014/04/03 大嶼山變橋頭堡  特色產業可領風騷 (Chinese Version Only)
2014/03/28 2014年中央政府工作報告解讀:改革馬年當先 (Chinese Version Only)
2014/02/25 助內地突圍霾伏  港綠色經濟拓新天 (Chinese Version Only)
2014/02/05 2014年香港經濟展望:出口接力增長再提速 (Chinese Version Only)
2013/11/15 雙十一網購熱潮對港商內銷的啟示 (Chinese Version Only)
2013/10/29 香港經濟溫和增長 復甦步伐料可加快 (Chinese Version Only)