CMA InnoExpress 2021: Connecting with Cyberport


CMA InnoExpress 2021: Connecting with Cyberport was held on 9 July, which served as a networking platform whereby industrialists met start-up entrepreneurs to explore cooperation opportunities in extensive areas like AI, IoT, e-commerce, e-marketing, and financial technology. The networking meeting was simultaneously broadcasted on-line, attracting over 50 CMA members to participate. Major CMA representatives included President Dr Allen Shi, Executive Vice President Mr Lo Kam Wing, Vice Presidents Dr Edward Chan, Dr Ma Kai Yum, Mr Robert Lok, Executive Committee Member-cum-Chairman of Innovation and Information Technology Committee Mr Ng Cheung Shing, Executive Committee Members Mr Marvin Hsu, Ms Stella Lee, Dr Wong Chun, Mr Thomas Wong; General Committee Members Dr Danny Wan, Ms Susanna Ng, Dr Tang Kam Tim, Mr Wilfred Li, Mr Hung Hin Wing, Mr Alex Ma, Mr Desmond Wong, Mr Lo Ching Kong; Convenors of Industrial Committees Mr Eugene Chan, Mr Lui Hung Yen. Representatives from Cyberport included Head of Ecosystem and Collaboration Ms Ivy Chan, Manager – Enterprise & Industry Collaboration Mr Ricky Choi. A number of CMA members participated by video conferencing, including Honorary President Mr FC Lo, Executive Committee Members Ms Eva Choy, Mr Tang To, General Committee Members Mr Chin Yiu Tong, Mr Peter Poon, Ms Candy Ngan, Mr Kevin Shea, Mr Eric Yeung, Dr Helen Chan, Ms Rose Ko.