2021/07/28 Loads of Summer Surprises at
CMA’s 2021 Hong Kong Brands and Products Shopping Festival
2021/07/18 廠商會「有種‧有賞」疫苗獎賞計劃大抽獎今日開始接受登記 (Chinese Only)
2021/07/16 Registration for CMA “Take Your Shot” Incentive Campaign Lucky Draw will begin on 18 July
Giving out 1,300 prizes worth HK$6.2 million
2021/07/16 《香港國安法》實施一周年
廠商會認同社會恢復秩序 有利營商 (Chinese Only)
2021/07/14 品牌局2021年品牌選舉正式啟動
(Chinese only)
2021/06/23 2019及2020年品牌選舉頒獎典禮
兩屆共82個優秀本地品牌成功「摘星」(Chinese only)
2021/06/17 CMA “Take Your Shot” Incentive Campaign Kicks Off
2021/06/17 CMA 42nd General Committee Inauguration Ceremony
Four Strategic Focus Areas to Assist the Industry in Coping with Challenges
2021/06/12 中國共產黨與「一國兩制」主題論壇
啟發港人不忘初心 繼續前進 (Chinese Only)
2021/06/04 廠商會就有初步確診人士曾到訪「第27屆香港國際教育展」之回應 (Chinese Only)
2021/06/02 廠商會邀律政司司長鄭若驊
分享港商如何利用香港法律及爭議解決服務抓緊大灣區機遇 (Chinese Only)
2021/06/02 廠商會推出「有種‧有賞」疫苗獎賞計劃
呼籲市民盡快接種新冠疫苗(Chinese Only)
2021/06/02 品牌局及廠商會調查發現香港品牌在大灣區優勢仍在
 (Chinese Only)
2021/05/29 《香港百店》跨境電商項目第一階段結束
銷售額創600萬元人民幣 (Chinese Only)
​2021/05/29 The 27th Hong Kong International Education Expo is Now Open
Over 600 Local and Overseas Institutions Bring an Entire Spectrum of Courses