"Take Your Shot” Incentive Campaign

Individuals who fulfill all of the following requirements at the time of registration are eligible to join the Lucky Draw:
  1. Reached the age of 18 and holds a valid Hong Kong identity card (permanent resident or non-permanent resident)
  2. Received full two-dose course of a vaccine in Hong Kong
* Persons who satisfy the conditions of (a) and were previously infected with COVID-19 will be eligible after they have received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
Eligible participants can register for the Lucky Draw via “My e-Health Pass” system (https://m.myehealthpass.com.  To register as a user of “My e-HealthPass”, you need to scan the QR code in your COVID-19 vaccination record for verification. Participants who have taken two doses of vaccines are required to provide their name, email address and contact number to complete their registration.
All participants have to read and agree the Terms and Conditions of the Lucky Draw, and declare that they are eligible to enter the Lucky Draw. Once you have successfully registered, you can join the Lucky Draw and track the status of the draws conveniently.
Participants who have successfully registered for the Lucky Draw during 18 July and 18 August will be entitled to participate in the First Draw and the Grand dDraw. If registration is made between 19 August and 18 September, participants can only join the Grand Draw. All registered participants can gain an additional chance of winning non-spending credit prizes in the Grand Draw by spending at least HK$100 (single purchase) at allied merchant outlets during the period of 18 July and 18 September. Participants can have up to five additional chances of winning non-spending credit prizes and each purchase has to be made at different merchants.
To get extra Lucky Draw chances, participants have to enter the details of the respective purchase (e.g. the merchant name, the date, the amount of purchase, and the payment receipt number) into “MyeHealthPass”. The purchase information provided by participants must be exactly the same as the information indicated on the receipt. Information could not be altered once it is submitted. Participants have to keep all the original receipts for verification. Handwritten receipts that are issued and stamped by the allied merchants will be accepted.
Yes. But you can only enter the Grand Draw for other non-spending credit prizes as each participant is only entitled to win a free spending credit prize once over the period of the campaign.
No. Participants need to register only once for the Lucky Draw throughout the campaign period. Those who have registered for the First Draw will automatically be entered for the Grand Draw and without the need of further registration.
“MyeHealthPass” is promoted by Smart City Consortium, and developed and operated by Certizen Technology Limited (Certizen), which has leading technology and rich experience in digital identity authentication. You are required to scan the QR code from the COVID 19 vaccination record is merely for verifying your eligibility for entering the Lucky Draw. The system only reads the vaccination status and the reference number embedded in the vaccination record QR code. No sensitive information such as identity card number and health data will be collected and saved. The participants need to complete their registration by entering their name, contact number and email address, and all the personal information is provided on a voluntary basis. The personal data will be encrypted and protected properly by blockchain technology.  Participants can amend their personal data or cancel their registration with “MyeHealthPass” at any time.
No. The personal data will be collected only for the use of the Lucky Draw. Such information will be properly stored and encrypted, and will be destroyed 90 days after the Lucky Draw ends.
The Lucky Draw results will be announced on the CMA website (www.cma.org.hk) within 10 working days after the draws. Major prizes will be announced in Sing Tao Daily and The Standard on 5 October 2021. All winners will be notified individually via email. They can also view their Lucky Draw result via“MyeHealthPass”.
Winners of a free spending credit prize and major prizes must redeem the prize in person, while winners of other prizes can delegate to others to redeem.
- Original Hong Kong Identity Card
- Original hardcopy of the COVID-19 vaccinations issued by the Department of Health of the Hong Kong Government
- Delegation of authority letter (if applicable)
- Original shopping receipts (if applicable)
*To redeem prizes, winners are required to provide the above documents on the date, time or venue specified, otherwise, you shall be deemed to have waived your rights to receive the prizes.
No. Participants cannot join the Lucky Draw or redeem the prizes if they have lost the relevant supporting documents. CMA will not accept any reprinted document for the entry to the Lucky Draw.
The Lucky Draw winners will be randomly drawn. A Certified Public Accountant will be performing procedural checks on the key processes and systems controls relating to the Lucky Draw.
You can. An authorised representative can register for the Lucky Draw on behalf of others. A delegate is required to bring along the delegation of authority letter, together with the original copy of all necessary documents when claiming a prize. Winners of a major prize are required to collect the prize in person.