CMA Testing and Al InnoBio (AIIB) Shareholding Signing Ceremony

On 1 August 2022, CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories (CMA Testing) and AI InnoBio Limited (AIIB) announced that the two companies have entered a strategic partnership to strengthen the technological development and promote the applications of the AIIB Spectral Device. 
AIIB Spectral Device is developed from the vision-chip-in-spectrometer technology by Newsight Imaging, an Israeli startup based in Tel Aviv. Under the business collaboration, CMA Testing and AIIB are joining force to develop the detection technology on pathogens and contaminants in different environments and food products.
The shareholding signing ceremony was witnessed by CMA President Dr Allen Shi, CMA Testing Chairman cum CMA Vice President Mr Robert Lok, CMA CEO Dr Ralph Chow, AIIB Founders Dr George So and Ms Grace So, and Co-founder Dr Jeff Pong.
Addressed at the ceremony, Dr Allen Shi said, “In the post-epidemic era, timely and accurate detection of viruses and bacteria is key to returning to normal. The partnership leverages the strength of both parties in creating greater value for society. CMA Testing is going to make good use of its experience in testing and technology commercialisation to provide support to AIIB in applying its detection technology. We will also join together to promote the technology and device in the Greater Bay Area.”

CMA President Dr Allen Shi delivered a speech at the Shareholding Signing Ceremony

CMA Testing Chief Operation Officer Dominic Lam (front row, from the right) and AIIB CEO Dr Kyle Wong (front row, from the left) signed the Shareholding Agreement. CMA President Dr Allen Shi (second row, 3rd from the right), CMA Testing Chairman cum CMA Vice President Mr Robert Lok (second row, 2nd from the right), CMA CEO Dr Ralph Chow (second row, 1st from the right), AIIB Founders Dr George So (second row, 3rd from the left) and Ms Grace So (second row, 1st from the left), and Co-founder Dr Jeff Pong (second row, 2nd from the left) witnessed the Shareholding Signing Ceremony