Leading Business Chambers in Hong Kong Express Strong Support for the San Tin Technopole Development Plan

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, and the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce stand united in their unwavering support for the HKSAR Government's development plan for San Tin Technopole.  This pivotal initiative comes at a critical juncture for industrial transformation in Hong Kong, with the site poised to serve as a significant catalyst for our city's new industrialisation efforts.  The chambers are of the committed view that the current development plan has successfully struck a balance between industrial development and environmental conservation.  In light of this, we urge all stakeholders to promptly reach a consensus and embrace a pragmatic and flexible approach in order to effectively resolve any differences. By doing so, the chambers aim to expedite the implementation of this critical project for our city.

New San Tin Technopole Outline Zoning Plan has been gazetted, and the Town Planning Board is inviting public response on or before May 8. Meanwhile, the Advisory Council on the Environment will discuss the Environmental Impact Assessment Report on “San Tin / Lok Ma Chau Development Node” at its meeting on April 22.  Spanning 1,004 hectares, the development area proposed in the environmental assessment covers over 240 hectares within the Wetland Conservation Area and the Wetland Buffer Area.  Over 60% of this area, approximately 144 hectares, consists of brownfield sites, filled fishponds, and developed sites such as boundary control points.  It is the remaining 90 hectares, nearly half of which are abandoned or inactive in fisheries production, that have raised conservation concerns.

The proportion of the relevant land in issue under the current plans of San Tin Technopole is relatively small and should not delay the project's overall progress.  There is a fundamental consensus across various sectors on the development of San Tin Technopole, with the business community also strongly supporting environmental conservation.  The issue in question is not insurmountable. As Hong Kong is at yet another critical point of industrial transformation, the development of San Tin Technopole is essential.  All parties should prioritise for the greater good, striving towards the maximum consensus to ensure that the project can proceed at full speed.  The business sector urges the Government to develop strategies that will allow the project to move forward without delay, ensuring that the construction works can commence at the soonest.  This is vital in order to avoid further impediment to the I&T and new industrialisation development in Hong Kong, which could affect our city's long-term development.