Incoming Missions

Every year, the CMA receives more than 100 delegations from the Mainland and around the world to strengthen economic ties and discuss opportunities for collaborations. CMA also assists these incoming missions to meet our members to foster bilateral trade and investment. 

Date Title
2017/04/12 Delegation of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs (Hong Kong and Macao Affairs) Office of Jilin Province
2017/04/10 Delegation of Tianjin Overseas Friendship Association
2017/03/31 Delegation of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hainan sub-council
2017/03/31 Delegation of Hainan Province Foreign Economic Development Promotion Association
2017/03/28 Delegation of Hubei Economy and Information Technology Commission
2017/03/23 Delegation of United Front Work Department of CPC Qingdao Committee
2017/03/13 Delegation of Liaoning Economic Cooperation Bureau
2017/03/10 Delegation of Huludao People’s Municipal Government, Liaoning Province
2017/02/21 Delegation of Investment Promotion Agency of Department of Commerce of Hunan Provinc
2017/02/21 Delegation of Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Liaoning Province
2017/02/21 Delegation of Economic and Commercial Representative Office of Shandong Province
2017/01/20 Delegation of Economic and Technological Cooperation Department of Jilin Province
2017/01/18 Delegation of Department of Commerce of Hunan Province
2017/01/18 Meeting with The Roscongress Foundation (Russia)
2017/01/17 Delegation of CCPIT Jilin Provincial Committee (Expo Affairs Bureau of Jilin Province)