HKiNEDA Annual Conference 2020: WVR - Opportunities and Challenges(Supported by CMA)

Date:  2020/12/12    Time :  09:00 - 13:00
Venue: Online
Fee: HK$100 (CMA member)
Language : Cantonese and English 
Contact Person : Ms. Joanna Cheung    
Tel : 2593 9616
Email :   
Summary :

The captioned is organised by the Hong Kong Independent Non-Executive Director Association(HKiNEDA) and supported by CMA. The captioned conference aims to provide an international communication platform for the excellent directors and senior management from the Greater China. Topics include: "Listing of WVR Issuers in HK - The Journey so far and the Path forward"; "WVR Rules' Developments around the Globe"; "WVR: How to Choose Between Value Creation and Corporate Governance"; "Do We Need Corporate Version of WVR?"; "Corporate Governance in the New Economy Era: Challenges and Opportunities for WVR Listed Issuers"; "The Development of WVR in the Mainland China"; "Promoting Corporate Governance for WVR Companies: the Role of INEDs"; and "The Challenges Faced by INEDs Under the WVR Structures".

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