Webinar on "Combat Price-fixing Cartels"(Supported by CMA)

Date:  2020/12/17    Time :  15:30 - 17:30
Venue: Zoom
Fee: Free     
Language : Cantonese 
Contact Person : Competition Commission
Tel : 3462 2118
Email : event@compcomm.hk   
Summary :

The captioned is organised by Competition Commission and supported by CMA. Price fixing takes place when businesses which are competitors agree to fix, increase, lower, maintain or control the price for the purchase or sale of goods or services. When businesses collude to fix prices, it deprives consumers of the benefits of competition, leading to higher prices, lower quality of products and services as well as reduced choices for consumers. This webinar includes "Key elements of Competition Ordinance", "What is a price fixing cartel?", "Red flags and myths about price fixing", "Consequences of a contravention", "Leniency and Cooperation Policies", "Competition law case studies” and Q&A.

For more details and application, please visit: https://www.compcomm.hk/en/media/campaigns_events/events_apply.php?id=20201126182743642658