Poly U Tech Salon 2021 Webinar - How is FashTECH disrupting the industry landscape?-AWebinar Video and Feature Articles (Supported by CMA)

Date: From Now 
 Contact Person :  Fonny Leung     Tel : 3400 2650
Email : fonny.leung@polyu.edu.hk
The captioned event is organized by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Poly U) Institute for Entrepreneurship and supported by the CMA. The captioned event was held successfully on 22 June 2021. The webinar provided exciting insights into the potential of clothing industry. The webinar video and feature articles and other information are now ready to for the public.

PolyU’s research focuses on fashion technology
Smart Thermoregulatory Clothing
Smart wearable technology
Advanced fibrous materials and technology
New Name Signifies New Chapter for Institute for Entrepreneurship (IfE)
To better reflect the roles and enhance the positioning of IfE, the department has been renamed Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship Office (KTEO).  We at KTEO are excited to meet new challenges ahead and keen to build a closer partnership with the industries.