Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged - The Fifteenth Round Regular Portion and the Eighth Round Dedicated Portion – is now open for application

Date: From now to 31 October 2022
Contact: The Secretariat of Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged
Tel: 3468 2710 / 3468 2718
Brief Description
Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged (PFD) aims at promoting partnership among the welfare sector, business corporations, schools and the Government for helping the disadvantaged. The Government provides dollar-to-dollar matching grants to donations made by business corporations to support welfare non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in implementing social welfare projects (known as “Regular Portion”) and schools to implement after-school learning and support programmes for primary and secondary students from grassroots families (known as “Dedicated Portion”). Up till now, with business donations from over 2,100 business corporations, more than one million disadvantaged persons and 130 000 primary and secondary students have been benefitted from the social welfare projects. For more details, please visit the PFD website.