Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META (supported by CMA)

Date: 10-23 Jun 2022
Time: 11:00am-8:00pm
Venue: G/F, 59 Queen’s Road Central, Central, HK
Contact: Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association
Tel: 2330 1738
Email: mail@hkfda.org   
Organized by Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association, sponsored by Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Juxtaposed 2022 FASHION META, an event that transcends one’s imagination, is arriving in Central, Hong Kong. An event where fashion creativity mingles with traditional craftsmanship, where state-of-the-art technology melds with artistic installations, bringing the audiences an unprecedented fashion metaverse experience; a journey into our JuxtaVerse in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR. For registration of ticket, please access the following link: https://bit.ly/3OfaEzm. For more information, please visit: www.juxtaposed.com.hk.