Prelude – BIOHK2022 Webinar Series One: “Modern Chinese Medicine (Chapter 1)” (supported by CMA)

Date: 3 July 2022
Time: 9:30 am – 10::45 am
Venue: Zoom Live
Language: Putonghua
Fee: Free of charge
Organized by Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization (HKBIO), BIOHK2022 will be held in HKCEC on 14-17 Dec 2022. As the accredited event celebrating the 25th anniversary of HKSAR, BIOHK2022 will also launch its Webinar Series. The topic of “Modern Chinese Medicine (Chapter 1)” is “The scientific rationale of heat toxin-induced blood stasis and cooling blood by clearing heat”, which will discuss on the ameliorative effect and mechanism of TCM in treating COVID-19. The hose is Professor Albert Yu, Chairman of HKBIO, and the speaker is Professor Han-Jing Yan, Director of the Teaching and Research Section of Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine, Peking University School of Basic Medicine. Interested parties please access to the following link:  for registration