SME ESG Best Practices Recognition Programme”(Supported by the CMA)

Date: From now to 2022/08/31 (Property & Construction)/From  2022/09/19 to 2022/11/18 (Retail & E-commerce)
Contact Person:Friends of the Earth
Tel: 2528 5588
Fax: 2529 2777
The captioned event is jointly organized by Dah Sing Bank and Friends of the Earth, which is also supported by the CMA. "SME ESG Best Practices Recognition Programme” will assess the overall improvement in sustainability performance of SMEs. Recognition certificates will be awarded to the SMEs who have attained a certain level of Environmental (E), Social (S), Governance (G) best practices.
To encourage SMEs to adopt ESG best practices, participating companies will be given no more than six months to implement the necessary changes in response to the guidelines in the assessment. If a certain level of improvement has been achieved in the designation period, recognition will be given to those companies with the highest commitment to acknowledge their contribution and dedication.
Throughout the programme, a series of capacity building events will be organized, including knowledge sharing through industry leaders in thematic forums, workshops, etc., to enable local SMEs to understand the relevance of ESG practices to the industry ecosystem for sustainable operations.
For details and registration, please visit the following website: