Hong Kong ICT Awards 2023: Smart Business Award Apply Now (supported by CMA)

Contact: Hong Kong Computer Society
Tel: 2834 4205
Email: ictawards@hkcs.org.hk
Organised by Hong Kong Computer Society and supported by CMA, Hong Kong ICT Awards 2023: Smart Business Award is established for three major purposes: (1) The application of Information Technology is essential to improve the operating efficiency and productivity, quality and overall competitiveness and customer service for both our business and public sector enterprises. One of the streams in this Award, Solution for Business and Public Sector Enterprise, recognises outstanding locally developed applications which provide costeffective and innovative IT solutions to business enterprises as well as public sector organisations. The awards encourage in-house applications developed and implemented by business and public sector organisations using the most appropriate technologies suiting the intended purposes. (2) The backbone of our economy is our SMEs, of which the adoption of ICT is crucial for its efficiency and productivity, and its global reach in marketing strategy and business expansion. One of the streams in this Award, Solution for SME, is to recognise outstanding achievements in technological innovations in locally developed IT products and application/services for effective use by SME. (3) Emerging technologies are now universally recognised as an essential tool to enhance productivity, competitiveness, customer services and business growth. One of the steams in this Award, Emerging Technologies, is to recognise outstanding locally developed IT products and services using emerging technologies such as: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Big Data/Open Data, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), distributed ledgers, IoT, 3D Printing, digital twins, etc to provide innovative solutions for their target customers. For details and application, please access the following link: https://hkcs.org.hk/ictawards/. Deadline for enrolment is 28 Jun 2023.