Co-events and Other Events

Date Titles
From Now  Poly U Tech Salon 2021 Webinar - How is FashTECH disrupting the industry landscape?-AWebinar Video and Feature Articles (Supported by CMA)
From Now IP Manager Scheme (Plus)(Supported by CMA)
2021/07/07-10 Hong Kong 3D Printing Association – 5C05 “Hong Kong Pavilion” (supported by CMA)
2021/04/23-2021/11/23 HKICT Awards 2021: Smart Living Award (Supported by CMA)
2021/03/26- 2021/09/30  Happiness at Work Promotional Scheme(Supported by CMA)
2021/09/30 職安健星級企業-回收再造業職安健提升計劃
2021/06/18-2021/09/17 HKDA Global Design Awards 2021 (Supported by CMA)
2021/09/07 and 2021/09/09 Green Council - Training Course on“Establish greenhouse gas reduction targets: Science-based approach” (Supported by CMA)
From Now to 2021/09 Build a Secure Cyberspace 2021 “Be Smart Online, Stay Away from Pitfalls” GIF Graphic Design Contest (Supported by CMA)
From Now to 2021/12 32nd Hong Kong Print Awards
(Supported by CMA)
2021/07/21 - 2021/09/09  Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data- Professional Workshops (Supported by the CMA)
2021/09/07 - 2021/09/09 Retail Asia Conference & Expo 2021(RACE)(Supported by CMA)
Now until 2021/09/03 Open Enrolment for Hong Kong Green Awards 2021 (supported by CMA)
2021/08/25 Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Flag Day 2021
2021/08/27-29 & 08/16-09/15 6th Golden Age Expo & Summit (GAES 2021)& Smart Agent Award(SSA) (Supported by CMA)