Co-events and Other Events

Date Titles
2022/05/20 Build a Secure Cyberspace 2022 “Cyber Security in Simple Ways” Webinar (supported by CMA)
2022/05/19 CAiRS Technical Seminar - AI-based Reliability & Safety - Transforming Smart Manufacturing and Smart City with Applications(Supported by CMA)
From now to 2022/05/13 2021/2022 Training and Development Needs Survey (Supported by CMA)
2022/05/11-12 Green Council - Training Course on “Establish greenhouse gas reduction targets: Science-based approach” (Supported by CMA)
2022/05/11 Building a Cyber Security, Cloud Protection and Privacy Framework(supported by CMA)
From Now to 2022/05 ​Hong Kong Shared Good Values :2022 Case Competition Open to Current Students(Supported by CMA)
2022/05/07 第二十六屆創意創業大賞 - 新常態創投論壇暨大賞簡介日(本會支持)
(Please refer to the Chinese version)
From now till 2022/04/29 Hong Kong Sustainability Award 2022(supported by CMA) – Call for Entries
2022/04/29 Online Seminar for "Say Yes To Breastfeeding"(Supported by CMA)
2022/04/29 AiDLab Seminar Series 02 Webinar: Fluid Retail with Artificial Intelligence (Supported by CMA)
2022/04/28 HKIE Environmental Division Annual Forum (Webinar) “Engineering Net Zero Transition” (supported by CMA)
2022/04/25-28 Certificate of Business Continuity Institute (CBCI®) Certification Course (supported by CMA)
2022/04/25 Hong Kong Innopreneur Awards 2022 –Briefing Webinar (Supported by CMA)
2022/04/14 2022「最佳中小企業獎」、「中小企業最佳拍檔獎」及「鵬程中小企青年創意創業獎」線上說明會(本會支持)
(Please see Chinese Version)
2022/04/22 International Mother Earth Day 2022- Hong Kong Eco Action (Supported by the CMA)