Co-events and Other Events

Date Titles
2022/02/22 Green Council - Webinar on“Climate Change Mitigation “What can you do right now”(Supported by CMA)
From Now until to 2022/02 HKCS Computer Donation to People in Need (Supported by the CMA)
From Now HKBEDC- Smart Tips for SMES Busting Corruption Myths (1) -Featured Article
2022/01/05 「2022環球經濟前瞻與香港出口展望」研討會(本會支持)(Chinese Version Only)
2022/01/25-28 NAMI 15th Anniversary Showcase 2022 (supported by CMA)
2021 「香港工業4.0及再工業化中高端人才需求」問卷調查(本會支持) (Chinese Version Only)
2021 「新智能防偽技術先導計劃」(Chinese Version Only)
2021/12/17 新智能防偽技術工作坊 (Chinese Version Only)
From now to 2021/12/17 MY STAGE – Inter-School Fashion Design Competition 2021-2022(Please refer to the Chinese version)
2021/12/14 營商講座:解讀更高水平開放型服務貿易的發展機遇、「十四五」時期數字經濟和數字貿易的發展趨勢及後BEPS時代國際經貿與稅收合作的新態勢(Please refer to the Chinese version)
2021/12/08-10 2021 International Electronics Circuit Exhibition (Shenzhen)(Supported by CMA)
2021/12/02 - 2021/12/03 Business of IP Asia Forum (Support by CMA)
2021/12/01-03 SmartBiz Expo (Supported by CMA)
2021/12/01-03 The 13th Entrepreneur Day (Supported by CMA)
2021/12/01 BEC EnviroSeries Conference: Transforming Business for Sustainability (supported by CMA)