Comment and Analysis

CMA pays close attention to the latest trends and measures which are beneficial to industry upgrade and transformation, and conveys the most updated information and advice to its members with an aim to help them seize the opportunities. 

Date Article
2023/01/16 Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Development Blueprint: Setting the Stage
2023/01/03 2022 China's Central Economic Work Conference: Confidence More Valuable than Gold
2022/12/15 Hong Kong's Sovereign Wealth Fund: Investing for a Brighter Future
2022/11/22 2022 Double Eleven: Towards High-Quality and Inclusive Growth
2022/11/15 Tracking Progress: Building Hong Kong KPI System for Innovation & Technology Development
2022/10/13 ​Reshaping Hong Kong's Talent Attraction Policy: To Recruit and To Retain
2022/09/29 Hong Kong Economic Outlook for 2023: Sailing Against the Current
2022/09/21 Establishing “Buffer Zone” of Customs Clearance to Facilitate the North Metropolitan Development
2022/08/30 Building China's Unified National Market: The Role of Hong Kong
2022/08/11 Reopening Hong Kong’s Border: Towards the Last Mile of Normalisation​
2022/07/26 Building China Unified Domestic Market to Underpin “Dual Circulation” Economy
2022/07/11 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Cooperation Platforms: A Comparison of Qianhai, Hengqin and Nansha Development Plans
2022/06/09 Hong Kong Brands Go GBA: Strategies to Harness Changes and Win the New Game
2022/05/26 Exploring the Mystery of NFT
2022/05/05 Restructuring Fiscal Policies for the Post Covid-19 Era: Implications for Hong Kong