Comment and Analysis

CMA pays close attention to the latest trends and measures which are beneficial to industry upgrade and transformation, and conveys the most updated information and advice to its members with an aim to help them seize the opportunities. 

Date Article
2020/10/21 Walking with Pandemic: Internal Circulation Economy Holds the Key? (Chinese Version Only)
2020/09/29 China’s “Dual Circulation” Economic Strategy: Steering a New Course (Chinese Version Only)
2020/08/31 Second Half of the Fight Against COVD-19: Darkness before Dawn? (Chinese Version Only)
2020/08/26 Hong Kong Brands: On the Road to Relaunch (Chinese Version Only)
2020/07/20 Street Vendor Economy: “Fire Captain” to Rescue China’s Job Market? (Chinese Version Only)
2020/06/05 China’s 2020 Government Work Report: Navigating the Storm (Chinese Version Only)
2020/05/19 Ocean Park’s Financial Distress and the Achilles' Heel of Hong Hong’s Tourism Industries (Chinese Version Only)
2020/05/14 From 4C to 4R: A New Stage in the Fight Against Covid-19 (Chinese Version Only)
2020/04/16 Hong Kong Employment Outlook: Bracing for a Perfect Storm (Chinese Version Only)
2020/03/16 Epidemic Prevention Engineering a Breakthrough  in E-Commerce? (Chinese Version Only)
2020/03/05 A Comparison of Government Measures Related to Covid-19 Among Selected Asian Economies (Chinese Version Only)
2020/03/04 Covid-19 Spillovers and the Impacts on Asian Economies (Chinese Version Only)
2020/02/13 US Revokes WTO Subsidy Preferences for Some Developing Economies and its Implications (Chinese Version Only)
2020/02/12 Economic Impacts of Coronavirus  Outbreak : Mainland China Vs Hong Kong (Chinese Version Only)
2020/02/07 Hong Kong Economic Outlook 2020: A Bumpy Road to Recovery (Chinese Version Only)