CMA hosts photo competition to showcase the brilliant accomplishments of Hong Kong in the past 20 years

The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong (CMA) and the Photographic Salon Exhibitors Association (PSEA) jointly organise “The Photography Competition in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR”. The press conference of the event was held today (22 May) in CMA Building.

CMA President Dr Eddy Li said, “After the handover, Hong Kong remains a wealthy and prosperous city.  We have many positive developments in areas like economy, technology, infrastructure, tourism.  On the external front, the implementation of 13th Five Year Plan, the promotion of RMB internationalisation and “One Belt, One Road” initiative all present huge  opportunities.  I reckon Hong Kong is a better place to live now.  We should continue to give full play to our unique advantages and seizing these opportunities to prosper.”

CMA Permanent Honorary President and PSEA Vice President Mr Paul Yin said, “Photos could capture precious moments forever. It allows people to appreciate and cherish everything around them.”Mr Yin hoped that the competition could provide an opportunity for members of the community to record the joyous moments of the celebratory events and to review the achievements of Hong Kong in the past 20 years.

 “The Photography Competition in Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR” is one of the signature celebration events organised by CMA for this special occasion. The competition comprises two topics: “The Celebration Event of the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR” and “Glorious Milestone of Twenty Years” and people can choose to join either mobile phone category or camera category, or both.

CMA also showcased the photos taken by well-known photographers and celebrities during the press conference today. They included Dr Eddy Li, Mr Paul Yin, PSEA President Mr Healthy Tam Kin Hong,Mr Chak Wai Leung, Ms Cheng Man Ngar, Mr Mark Lui Chung Tak and Mr Benny Li Shun Yan.

The competition is open to Hong Kong residents of all ages. Participants could upload their photos to from 15 July to 15 September. Each participant could upload maximum 5 photos in each category for each topic.

Prestigious photographers from CMA, PSEA and other photography organisations are invited to be judges; Ms Cheng Man Ngar is one of the judges and guests who will present awards to the winners. The photos will be judged according to relevancy to the topic, composition and style, originality and artistic merit and aesthetic feeling, each criterion weights 25%.

1 Champion, 1 First Runner-up, 1 Second Runner-up, 4 Merit Awards and 10 Honorable Mentions will be selected for each topic in each category. Champion, First Runner-up and Second Runner-up will receive a trophy and HKD 10,000, HKD 5,000, and HKD 3,000 cash prize respectively. Merit Award winners will be presented a certificate and HKD 1,000 cash prize, while Honorable Mention winners will be presented a certificate. The award presentation ceremony and winning photos exhibition will be held during the 52nd Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo at the end of 2017.