Trade and Economic Bulletin

The CMA published “Trade and Economic Bulletin” regularly to provide succinct review on the latest economic issues, as well as updates on policy developments in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas.  It also includes topical analytical reports on selected economic and policy issues. 

Date Title Content
2021/09/30 Issue 19, 2021 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Hong Kong Economic Outlook: Breaking Through the Bottlenecks on the Road to Recovery
2021/09/08 Issue 18, 2021 (Chinese Version Only) Download
2021/08/30 Issue 17, 2021 (Chinese Version Only)
  • China’s Ambition to Become a Top Manufacturing Nation During the 14th Five Year Plan Period and Its Implications for Hong Kong
2021/08/16 Issue 16, 2021 (Chinese Version Only) Download
2021/08/02 Issue 15, 2021 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Turn a New Page for Hong Kong Tourism Industry Through Supply-side Breakthroughs
2021/07/19 Issue 14, 2021 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Hong Kong Brands@ Greater Bay Area: Turning Challenges into Opportunities
2021/07/05 Issue 13, 2021 (Chinese Version Only)

2021/06/23 Issue 12, 2021 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Hong Kong Brands @ Greater Bay Area: Embracing Changes
2021/06/15 Issue 11, 2021 (Chinese Version Only)
  • China’s 14th Five-Year Plan: Development of Technology and Innovation and the Role of Hong Kong
2021/05/24 Issue 10, 2021 (Chinese Version Only) Download
2021/05/14 Issue 9, 2021 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Hong Kong’s Role in China’s Green Transition During the 14th Five-Year Plan Period
2021/04/27 Issue 8, 2021 (Chinese Version Only)
  • China’s 14th  Five-Year Plan: Towards a Greener Society
2021/04/08 Issue 7, 2021 (Chinese Version Only) Download
2021/03/15 Issue 6, 2021 (Chinese Version Only)
  • China’s 2021 Government Work Report: Setting the Stage for Further Developments
2021/03/08 Issue 5, 2021 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Consumption Vouchers in Selected Economies and the Implications for Hong Kong