Trade and Economic Bulletin

The CMA published “Trade and Economic Bulletin” regularly to provide succinct review on the latest economic issues, as well as updates on policy developments in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas.  It also includes topical analytical reports on selected economic and policy issues. 

Date Title Content
2020/05/20 Issue 14, 2020 (Chinese Version Only) Download
2020/05/19 Issue 13, 2020 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Ocean Park’s Financial Distress and the Achilles' Heel of Hong Hong’s Tourism Industries
2020/05/14 Issue 12, 2020 (Chinese Version Only)
  • From 4C to 4R: A New Stage in the Fight Against Covid-19
2020/04/27 Issue 11, 2020 (Chinese Version Only) Download
2020/04/16 Issue 10, 2020 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Hong Kong Employment Outlook: Bracing for a Perfect Storm
2020/04/01 Issue 9, 2020 (Chinese Version Only) Download
2020/03/16 Issue 8, 2020 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Epidemic Prevention Engineering a Breakthrough  in E-Commerce?
2020/03/05 Issue 7, 2020 (Chinese Version Only)
  • A Comparison of Government Measures Related to Covid-19 Among Selected Asian Economies
2020/03/04 Issue 6, 2020 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Covid-19 Spillovers and the Impacts on Asian Economies
2020/02/13 Issue 5, 2020 (Chinese Version Only)
  • US Revokes WTO Subsidy Preferences for Some Developing Economies and its Implications
2020/02/12 Issue 4, 2020 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Economic Impacts of Coronavirus  Outbreak : Mainland China Vs Hong Kong
2020/02/07 Issue 3, 2020 (Chinese Version Only)
  • Hong Kong Economic Outlook 2020: A Bumpy Road to Recovery
2020/01/22 Issue 2, 2020 (Chinese Version Only)
  • US-China “Phase One” Trade Deal: From Decoupling to Re-coupling?
2020/01/13 Issue 1, 2020 (Chinese Version Only) Download
2019/12/23 Issue 26, 2019 (Chinese Version Only)
  • US and China’s “Phase One” Trade Deal: Arts of Gain and Pain