Incoming Missions

Every year, the CMA receives more than 100 delegations from the Mainland and around the world to strengthen economic ties and discuss opportunities for collaborations. CMA also assists these incoming missions to meet our members to foster bilateral trade and investment. 

Date Title
2019/06/17 Meeting with Mr Mehdi Hasan, Consul General of the Consulate General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong and the delegation
2019/06/03 Delegation of Douyun city’ Training Class
2019/05/31 Delegation of Guangzhou Panyu General of Commerce
2019/05/28 Meeting with Officials from the Confederation of Italian Industries and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development
2019/05/10 Delegation of Shenzhen Commission of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
2019/05/10 Delegation of Huzhou City of Zhejiang Province
2019/05/08 Delegation of People’s Government of Maoming City, Guangdong Province
2019/05/08 Delegation of The People’s Government of Haojiang District, Shantou City
2019/05/07 Delegation of Zhongshan Municipal People’s Government
2019/04/26 Delegation of People’s Government of Anji Town,Zhejiang Province
2019/04/26 Delegation of UAE’s Sharjah Airport Int’l Free Zone Authority
2019/04/25 Delegation of Zhejiang Department of Commerce
2019/04/24 Delegation of The Government of Banfu Town Zhongshan City


Delegation of Hainan Province’s Young Entrepreneur
2019/04/23 Delegation of People’s Government of Lishu Town, Siping City, Jilin Province