HKIHRM Job Creation Scheme 2.0

Date:  From Now to 31/3/2022 
Contact Person :  HKIHRM    Tel : : 2837 3826/2837 3819
Email :

Summary :
The HKIHRM Job Creation Scheme 2.0 (“the Scheme”), in collaboration with the Civil Service Bureau (“CSB”), is one of the job creation schemes under the Anti-epidemic Fund of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSARG”). The Scheme aims to create up to 1,000 time-limited jobs of different skill sets and academic qualifications in the private sector amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the Scheme, eligible members of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (“HKIHRM”) may apply for a monthly subsidy from the HKSARG for each eligible job position created.
(Be a current HKIHRM Corporate or Individual member (30 Eligible Positions for each company)

Key Highlights of the Scheme:
• Job Functions: ALL job functions in the private sector
• Subsidised Amount: HK$10,000/month max OR 50% of the actual monthly basic salary, whichever is lower
• Subsidised Quotas: 1,000 time-limited new jobs
• Subsidised Period: 12 months max for each subsidy or before 31 Jan 2023, whichever is earlier
• Application Deadline: 31 Mar 2022 (first come, first served)
• A 12-month subsidy extension for the same position(s) approved in the JCS1.0

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