Co-events and Other Events

Date Titles
2021/01/20 The "Jockey Club Age-friendly City Partnership Scheme 2020": The public voting for "My Favourite City Partnership Scheme"(supported by CMA)
2021/01/20 Hong Kong Sustainability Award (supported by CMA)
2021/1/12 &19 HKPKIF Conference -Evolution and Localization of Public Key Infrastructure and Digital Identity – Digital Trust Ecosystem(Supporting by CMA)
2021/1/13 & 2021/1/15 Webinar Training Course on “Building Energy Management” (Supported by CMA) 
2021/1/8 NAMI Webinar: Advanced Materials and Technologies for Applications in Food and Beverage Industry(Supported by CMA)
2020/12/18 Inaugural City Innovation and Technology Grand Challenge
2020/11/06-2021/01/10 HKDI Gallery Exhibition 2020-21 (Supported by CMA)
2021/1/5 T-box Workshop on “Key Success Factors to Strategize your e-Commerce Business” (Supported by CMA)
2021/1/5 "Underground Utility Survey Based on Nondestructive Testing, Surveying, Imaging and Diagnostic (NDTSID) Approaches" Webinar
2021/1/5 「疫境下2021環球經濟展望及香港出口挑戰與機遇」網絡研討會(Supported by CMA)
Now until Jan 2021 TWGHs 150th Anniversary Free Medical Services Donation Scheme
Now until Jan 2021 Jumpstarter 2021
Now until 2020/12/31 BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2020 – Open for Application NOW (Supported by CMA)
2020/12/18 Phygital in Fashion - The Convergence of Physical & Digital(Supported by CMA)
2020/12/17 Webinar on "Combat Price-fixing Cartels"(Supported by CMA)