2023/06/07 Qinghai Investment Promotion Conference
2023/06/05 Hong Kong Green Day 2023 Kick-off Ceremony (Supported by CMA)
2023/05/31 The “Prevention of Heat Stroke at Work in a Hot Environment Promotional Campaign” launching ceremony
2023/05/31 Shandong-Hong Kong-Macao Industry Cooperation Conference (Supported by CMA)
2023/05/31 2023 Dongying Innovation and Development Cooperation Promotion Conference(Hong Kong) 
2023/05/30 Shandong Cooperation Promotion Event on High-Quality Development and Opening up (Co-organized by CMA)
2023/05/30 Hunan-Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Investment and Trade Conference - Meet leaders of Hunan Province
2023/05/29 Qingdao-Hong Kong Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference 
2023/05/29 Green and Low-carbon Development for a Win-win Future Yantai – Hong Kong Dialogue
2023/05/25 Yangjiang City ( Hong Kong) Industrial Investment Promotion Conference (co-organized by CMA)
The 10th General Committee Inauguration Ceremony of Han Kong Association
2023/5/16 Launching of ‘SafeCity.HK Website’ cum ‘SafeCity Ambassadors’ Appointment Ceremony 2023
2023/5/16 Henan-Hong Kong Cooperation & Exchange Promotion Conference (Co-organized by CMA)
2023/5/15 The Second Anniversary Celebration of the Consultative Committee on Guangdong-Hong Kong Co-operation(Guangzhou Nansha)
2023/5/15 2023 Henan-Hong Kong International Logistics Cooperation Conference (Co-organized by CMA)